Václav Zavřel

Václav Zavřel

Bilateral Meetings

  • (10:15 - 12:15) Morning session
DescriptionWe are two blacksmiths, father and son. We combine artistic metal processing with glass and wood. We offer forged home accessories: candlesticks, clocks, holders, fireplace tools, wood baskets, grills; forged elements for houses: grilles, fences, gates, fencing, railings and other forged products. We do everything from plans to realization on the place. For restaurants and stylish shops in our blacksmithing we produce a series of forged accessories such as signboards, signs, signs, tables, chairs, counters, bars, hinges, handles, bells. We also offer stained glass historical or modern decoration - combination of metal and glass.
Organization Type Company
Areas of Activities

Museums, historical sights, institutions related to the cultural heritage



      Blacksmiths, create metal craft - Cooperation with partners

      Two blacksmiths combine artistic metal processing with glass and wood. Metal products: grilles, fences, gates, tables, chairs, fireplace tool,... and stained glass decoration.