Tereza Kamenikova


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  • (10:15 - 12:15) Morning session
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DescriptionSaas software for creating travel itineraries with independent suppliers. Complete software is white listed, customer see only company brand and gets access to my booking section. It is developed for companie within travel industry (study abroad, niche travel agencies, yachting companies, etc...)
Organization Type Company
Areas of Activities

New trends in tourism, project leaders, alternative ways of tourism



      Software for creating complex travel itineraries

      We are offering solution for creating custom itineraries for flight tickets (in development accommodation, car rental, insurance, lounge access, many more...) with your supplier. Via our software you create documents, create invoices, easily send offer to your client, create e-ticket, etc... meet with our representative to know more or check https://pepadoo.8b.io/

      Keywords: ITsaassoftwarepackagestravelcustomitineraryswautomatization
      Cooperation Offered
      1. License agreement

      B2B travel industry software API ready

      Looking for various partners to connect to our platform, pepadoo. We are already discussiong with few, but every kind of inovation is welcomed.

      Keywords: B2Btechsoftwarecooperationtraveloutgoingtourspackageshotelhotels
      Cooperation Requested
      1. Sales / Distribution
      2. License agreement
      3. Technical co-operation